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Mikes X100F

Welcome to Frame Focus Foto

This is our photographic journey, with no fixed narrative. Just the adventure! We would like to bring you along with us. 

Follow our process, from the ideas, research, photographing and producing the finished product. It's our opportunity to share the making of the image along with the experience behind it.

Expect a healthy dose of gear reviews, and ramblings about how me manage the creative process.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. This is our first step!

Let us create memories together whilst sharing our unique points of view.

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Hi! I'm Mike!


Let’s go back in time… 2 decades more or less! As kid in high school, I clearly remember having a passion for cameras and ended up with a hand me down Olympus XA! The XA came along on holidays and school hiking trips! That camera eventually stopped working, but it sparked a lifelong obsession that has grown in exciting and unexpected ways!!


Many years after the XA died, I bought a brand new DIGITAL camera! A Canon Powershot A540! It only had 6 megapixels, but thinking back on it now, it did everything one might need to make good images! Regardless, I knew I wanted something more serious so after months of research and reviews I decided to go for a Nikon D80! The DSLR path is pretty familiar for a lot of photographers out there. After a few years the D80 wasn't “enough” so I upgraded to a Nikon D7000, and when that camera got destroyed in a car accident a Nikon D7200 alongside one other camera, a Fujifilm X100S!


In my (highly biased) opinion the Fujifilm X100 series is probably the most important digital camera of the last decade!! The Fuji X100 demonstrated to the World that a camera could be manufactured to a high quality, produce superb quality images and could also be light weight, compact and easy enough to carry everywhere! You’ll find lots of chatter from the both of us about this camera, on this site!


Due to it’s retro styling and analog type shooting experience, the X100 series led me down the rabbit hole of analog photography! This camera may have been the prime cause for my chronic case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS)! For me the experience of using photographic gear is as important as the picture itself! I feel that analog photography offers an unparalleled, tactile picture making experience! This rudimentary form of making pictures has gone a long way to improving my photographic discipline, helping to nurture skills that have allowed me to make stronger images regardless of the medium being used! There is a long and storied history of analog cameras and photography and I’m enjoying exploring as much of it as I can! That being said, I’m not ready to give up digital cameras either, both these mediums have an important place in my photographic World.


What matters most of all though, is the enjoyment of this wonderful hobby of ours!  It’s my hope that we can help and inspire you to live the photographic journey you have always wanted! We plan to take you along on our photographic endeavours. This is place to share and learn about photographic experiences and what goes in to making a finished image! 


Always remember to follow the light, wherever it may lead!

Hi, I’m Leonard!


Just 800 000 pixels, not even a megapixel, and only 20 photos per memory card. That’s where my journey began. 


I’ve tried most digital cameras through the years, from the small point and shoots to the full frame DSLR cameras. If it’s digital, I love it! Photography is my way of documenting my adventures in life, from the game reserves of Southern Africa, the majestic peaks of Kilimanjaro to my underwater discoveries in the Bahamas. If I haven’t captured it, I wasn’t there.


For my professional photography, I use the Canon 5D, but as great as this camera is, lugging it together with an arsenal of lenses, half way across the world, just isn’t practical. So my goto camera for exploring the sights and sounds of the city streets is the Fujifilm X100F. 


I’m a true believer in the saying, “the best camera you have is the one that’s with you”. With technology the way it is today, more and more I find myself exploring the boundaries of the GoPro Hero 8 and the iPhone 11. Combine these with a lightweight tripod, creative filters, an interesting composition and the the right light,  I’m always ready to frame my next canvas.


I’ve always had a passion for sharing my knowledge and experience, so I can’t wait for you to join us on our adventure. Hopefully you will learn from the experiences we share, both the good and the bad.


Photography is a big scrapbook of your life, start yours today!

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